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Hair transplant advice and consultation: Find reputable doctors and clinics
Hair transplant consultation: Find reputable doctors and clinics!

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Welcome to Hairforlife, your online hair transplant consultation site!

Hairforlife Andreas Krämer has been providing hair loss sufferers with expert advice since 2004. At Hairforlife you will not only find helpful information and facts on the subject of hair transplantation, but you also have the opportunity to take advantage of a free and individual consultation including case assessment (online consultation) and we will help you to find competent and experienced doctors/clinics.

Fill bald spots permanently with your own hair with a hair transplantation

When men slowly develop receding hairlines and even baldness and women’s hair thins, especially in highly visible areas such as the hairline or the crown of the head, this not only has far-reaching negative consequences on the appearance but is also psychologically very stressful for those affected. The desire for advice and hair thickening and to quickly stop hair loss is therefore only too understandable. However, if you want to permanently thicken your hair, or if you want to get rid of receding hairlines and baldness, only hair transplantation can help.

Drugs against hair loss can help to delay hair loss, but as a rule, no new growth can be achieved in bald areas such as the receding hairline, or already in larger bald areas. Hair thickening by means of hair transplantation for fuller hair is a good optical aid not only for men, but also for women.

Surgical risks: A hair surgery is irreversible, THE DONOR AREA cannot be removed indefinitely and damaged grafts/donor hairs are lost forever

A hair transplant ultimately describes an surgery on the human body and of course an surgery also entails risks , just as there are always risks with other medical interventions.

Understandably, the costs of a hair transplantation often play a major role in the selection of a provider. However, especially with a surgical procedure in such an obvious area, the focus should be on quality and detailed consultation is important.

Every patient has a certain number of grafts/donor hair available (so-called donor reserve) and this should be handled as carefully as possible. If grafts/donor hair are damaged during transplantation and do not grow (poor growth rate), then they are lost forever and are no longer available, with the loss of important options for the future. A hair transplant is an irreversible procedure!

“Many of the illegal clinics have fancy websites with testimonials and testimonials that look very professional. However, the reality is that the hair transplant may be performed by someone who has no medical training.”

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Hair transplant consultation since 2004: Focus on quality and minimise risks!

Since 2004, Andreas Krämer has been providing hair loss sufferers with expert advice via the Hairforlife online consultation service and helping them to find a first-class and suitable doctor/clinic. Hairforlife Andreas Krämer is not contractually bound to any doctor and the Hairforlife cooperation doctors are always doctors who have proven to have specialised in hair surgery for many years, who understand their trade, who have been proven with sufficient results and who have been personally checked by me, Andreas Krämer(clinic visits Andreas Krämer/Hairforlife), the owner of Hairforlife.

Advice from an Affected Person, for an Affected Person

Who could better understand the worries and hardships of a hair loss sufferer than someone who has had to experience all of this himself? Andreas Krämer also suffered from hair loss and has already had his receding hairline successfully transplanted, see the Andreas Krämer’s hair restoration experiences report. Hairforlife can therefore offer you an all-round service: From the detailed, comprehensive consultation and advice regarding your planned surgery, to the referral to your chosen clinic, to the contact person before and after your procedure.

A hair transplant by experienced, renowned hair surgeons with proven results: Quality is no coincidence!

Long-lasting quality, low complaint rates and high customer satisfaction are no coincidence and the risks of hair transplantation can be minimized considerably by choosing a renowned hair surgeon with many years of experience and proven results, and through serious and competent advice!

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